söndag 26 april 2009

weak, vulnerable souls..

my mind cries for the vulnerable, hurt souls..i cry for the minds without water..the souls that never ask for anything in return..the souls that just give give and give..the souls that love unconditionally..without barriers without boundaries. the souls that keep loving though they have been hurt again and again. the souls that are weak, so weak..not weak in a bad way, weak in a loving way. weak like a new born baby way. These vulnerable loving givers just keep on giving while the takers, the thiefs just keep taking and sucking out every inch of energi the giver has. I just see them bein hurt and there is nothing i can do about it and it kills me to watch..kills me to see them being killed..their soul being washed away..in the end there is nothing but a empty piece of flesh. Nothing is fair in this life..nothing is..while some can sit in their 8star hotell apartment others die of thirst..while some throw food worth billions others die of hunger..while some are loved others just love..no vice versa..i pray to the earth for these souls..especially for the woman who gave me the greatest gift..Ma