söndag 15 mars 2009

My affirmation

I am in peace with myself and others!
I have unlimited potential!
I love and aproove myself!
I will become whatever i want to!
I will earn all that i want!
My inner and outer beauty grows everyday!
I grow spiritually every minute!
I am surrounded by beauty and joy!
I am harmony i am no mind!
I am in a honest, harmonious, loving, learnful, happy relationship!
My inner happiness is present and visible everyday!
My knowledge and wisdom grows everyday!
I will have a beautiful house by the beach with a huge balcony with a swing and a ocean view to die for!
The next ten years of my life will be the best years ever to experience so far!

this is my little affirmation of the things i want and the things i already have..I think everyone should create one.. it really works! remember man becomes what he thinks about..Your thoughts attract whatever you want! start vizualizing and you will see :)